Tent halls maintenance

Tent halls in most countries are treated same as building law-wise. This means that their maintenance and providing good technical condition of all the elements is obligatory for the owner. Of course service works also bring visual benefits, increase the safety and prolong the life of a tent, so it is highly advised to put some time in it from time to time.

We can divide tent service works into two categories:

1) Cleaning and maintenance work,

2) Periodic (obligatory) technical examinations.


Keeping the tilts in good condition not only increases tents' visual valors but also ensure highly prolonged lifetime. Roof and sidewalls of the tent should be cleaned regularly to prevent the dirt from getting deep into the surfaces. It is highly advised to ask the producer how to clean them - some of the tilts might get damaged if treated with water jet or strong chemicals. It is also highly advised to use only cleaning supplies of producers choice - it will help us maintain the tent in perfect condition throughout the year, clean even hard filth and might contain some additions to prevent material crumbling over time.

Last but not least we should take care of the steel construction of the tent. Most of the steel elements are covered with tin to protect from changing weather conditions, but it is a good practice to cover all of the outer elements with some anticorrosion chemicals. For this kind of task you can for example use BITEX, the chassis maintenance spray - it should be enough to secure even the underground steel elements for years.


Being an owner of a tent hall obligates us to do annual technical examinations of it. It is advised to do this before or after winter time since the weather conditions are the most corrupting. During the examination a specialist should verify tilts' condition, check screw connections, measure roof and walls tensions and all moving elements positions. It is very important to pick professional company to carry out examinations as it is all about the security of us and our employees. What is more, the professionals usually are equipped with diverse spare parts and in case they find some lesser issues they might repair it on the go.


Tent halls are constructions widely used nowadays and are a cheaper alternative to building huge storing houses. On the other hand, they require - as any other building - to take care of them regularly to keep them in good technical condition. Definitely it will be worth to pay it some time few times in a year to make it serve us for long years. Finally remember - safety is the most important!

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