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Project and performance

The basic subject of Tentrum company is manufacturing, sales, and marquee constructions rental. Our producs stack up for organizing outdoor events such as weddings, corporate retreats, concerts and much more.

We offer our best verified solutions, as well as projects suited to individual customers’ needs. Our marquees have the reputation for production’s accuracy and unrepeatable design.

Our tents

Tentrum offers various types of tents to suit your needs including huge tent halls and beautiful wedding and event tents to fulfill even most demanding users needs.

Featured on blog

Tent production and retal is our greatest passion. We joyfully share our knowledge about tents, event organization and other things closely related to what we do.

How to choose your perfect wedding tent

Imagine warm, summer night, the sky full of stars and two people sharing their mutual love on this special day with their relatives… and all this under a tent! Sounds amazing, right? Tent rental for weddings is becoming more and more popular these days. We shall not be surprised as open-air events combined with mesmerizing lighting create […]

Tent rental for business events

Business events are great opportunity to help employees integrate in less formal surrounding or to celebrate companies recent successes. Many companies decide to organise this kind of meetings as open-air to minimise cost compared to renting conference rooms and to provide the guests exceptional atmosphere. Open-air banquet Big companies and corporations frequently organise huge business meetings under tents. […]

Tent halls maintenance

Tent halls in most countries are treated same as building law-wise. This means that their maintenance and providing good technical condition of all the elements is obligatory for the owner. Of course service works also bring visual benefits, increase the safety and prolong the life of a tent, so it is highly advised to put […]

5 materials used in tent production

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Looking for tent sale or rental offers everyone have finally reached informations considering materials of which the tents are made. Used fabric has huge impact not only the the products final price but also provides special use for various situations. In all those different materials, how do you pick the best material for your case? […]

Tents evolution throughout ages

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The history of tents is long and full of fascinating moments. From prehistoric times to highly appealing event tents this constructions were an important element of human comfort and allowed him to survive. Since Homo erectus children have been observing their parents fighting over the most suitable place to situate the tent and being mad […]

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