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How to create magic atmosphere in your garden? 4 practical tips

Garden is nowadays one of a very few possibilities for many people to be close to the nature while still keeping the privacy. If we mix it with close family or a bunch of friends we'll get a fantastic recipe for amazing time for both adults and the children, who will finally be able to play football or eat a tasty grilled meats. Nothing makes us more relaxed than evenings spent outdoors by the fire, surrounded by people singing together, which makes us so much closer. Well, talking about magic, here are the 4 practical tips to create even more magical atmosphere during meetings like the one mentioned above. Let's go!

1. Take care of the green.

The foundation of every garden is the flora covering it. Honestly, a well maintained garden guarantees amazement for all guests regardless of age. Friends and aunts will melt seeing all those blooming flowers and children will very soon adapt short-cut lawn as a football pitch. We know that garden maintenance is time-consuming, but believe us - it's well worth spending few hours to polish it and you will also know that once you see your guests sigh in amazement and cherishing the moment.

2. Fairytale tent

Let's be honest - nothing composes as well with flora surrounding you as a beautiful tent. The best choice are those based on soaring, round roof constructions as they will catch guests attention before they even reach your place and will make children feel as if they were entering Disney's castle. Also take care of the interior - hand-made rustical decors will serve your for some years and will give this magical touch if placed on tree branches or in the tents space. In addition to this a tent also provides coziness, comfort and safety and allow to continue the magic of the moment even if the weather is not on our side.

3. Lights

Is there any element of decoration more magical than well fit lights? We don't think so. Place some UV lamps in your garden and hang some light chains to empower the feeling of warmth and safety. If there's a tent in the garden it's a must to put some chains across the roof and on the inside as this exceptional effect will stay in the memories of your guests for a very long time.

4. Throw yourself into the fun

Of course the most important element of magic atmosphere are people who participate in the event. Once everybody is fed and you can leave the grill and stop bringing more beverages you should throw yourself into the fun with your guests. Fulfill the atmosphere with the magic of glances and smiles, sing loudly, dance freely and talk a lot and the guests will not be willing to go back to reality until the morning dawn.

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