Wedding in the times of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

Anyone planning their wedding want this day to be special. The preparations usually begin months before the event, so how should we plan it with this wild coronavirus haunting the whole world? If you are to face this hard task we are here to help you.

1. First of all you should get to know all the official information considering mass events in your country. Many countries are limiting the amount of people that may attend an event so you might be forced to check your guest list twice. Also, any people being on a quarantine or suffering from COVID-19 cannot attend this kind of events.

2. Gather contact data from all events participants. In case there might have been some suspicions it will be much easier to just pass the list to sanitary services.

3. Another important thing is the placement of your guests. You should consider at least 2 meters of free space between tables. Also participants should sit in groups of close relatives to minimize the risk if infection spreading. Also have in mind that there might be a greater number of table service required to ensure the spread is at minimum.

4. If you plan to place a separate buffet, sweets table or any other facility you should consider somebody to serve it, so that your guests won't have to gather around it.

5. Ensure safety and comfort. Set up with the wedding hall owner if they provide any disinfectants. If they don't you should provide them yourself placing them in the hall and toilets so that your guests have unlimited access to them.

6. It is well worth discussing with the wedding hall owner special rules in the times of SARS-CoV-2. Many owners will provide you with special treatment in this matter and could let you for example declare the final amount of guests much later or decrease the minimal limit of guests so that you won't have to pay for guests that won't come under some circumstances.

7. Be forgiving for you guests. Some of them, especially elder and ill, might be too worried about their health to come to your wedding and dismiss your invitation. Such decisions are always hard for both sides, but we should always put our relatives health and lives above anything else. There will definitely come time when you will be able to celebrate together, maybe in a smaller group.

If you comply rules mentioned above, discuss carefully all the ideas, plans and worries with hall owner and take care of your guests health we strongly believe that despite all the stuff happening in the world you will have an amazing wedding party with excellent memories for years on.

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