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Vintage wedding – how to travel in time in the times of technology?

Most of us can't imagine life without our phone or laptop. We have been totally absorbed by this digital everydayness which stares in our eyes with thousands of screens, displays and LED lights. Weddings are no different dominated by modern details, colurful lights and smoke generators. Recently, more and more popularity is being gained by vintage style which is an answer to new trends and offers us exceptionally touching and romantic travel to the past.

Wedding halls - even though they are often built in classic style - are filled with the attributes of today that could effectively disturb this vintage feelind. This is when an amazing alternative which is gaining more and more popularity comes to the party - wedding tent rental.

Main benefit of tents is a wide choice of different construction forms and the possibility to set it in almost any scenery we want to - not to mention we can decorate it just the way we want to! Could you imagine more nostalgic scenery for vintage style than a huge tent settled by a XIV century castle, lightened up with hundreds of tiny, warm lights? If we add up carefuly made decorations bringing even more vintage the effect will be mesmerizing.

What are the most important elements of vintage? What should we put into the tent and what to avoid at all cost?

1. Vintage is mainly colors. This style is ruled by black and white, which with the assistance of grey and brown create a beautiful picture of past years.

2. Vintage wedding brings and important message - old but gold! Age-old, renewed furniture are a perfect starting point and will certainly play their part in the travel to past. It is important to make sure that all elements of decoration (cupboards, tables, chairs etc.) are consistent color-wise - in this way we will achieve the effect that will amaze our guests.

3. Tiny decor elements are something that makes this style. And old-fashioned phone? Old writing machine found in the basement? These items are a must-have! They are the real time machine for your guests and will surely be noticed and complimented by them.

4. The first touch your guests will make with vintage style may happen way before the party starts. Create your invitations in white and brown, write on them manually with soaring letters and put some aged stamps on it - your guests will be impatientily waiting for the party after such a teaser.

5. Consider hiring a band rather than a DJ. Music referring a little to the old times will fullfil the vintage atmosphere perfectly. Of course you don't have to abandon having recent hits played - most bands can play modern music in their own arrange and that live music touch will surely take your guests breath.

As you can see, organising a wedding in vintage style is still possible nowadays. To ensure top level of comfort and flexibility in terms of decoration you should definitely give a look at wedding tent rental - our products such as Celeste Pole ( will make your vintage wedding a thing with their aesthetic, rounded construction.

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