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Tents evolution throughout ages

The history of tents is long and full of fascinating moments. From prehistoric times to highly appealing event tents this constructions were an important element of human comfort and allowed him to survive.

The story of tent evolution - Tentrum - Event tent rental and production

Since Homo erectus children have been observing their parents fighting over the most suitable place to situate the tent and being mad as strong wind made it much harder to set the tent up.

Tent - after all - provides the basic need of shelter. Their first users would definitely do alot for a brick home with a bath full of water and hundreds of TV channels. Nowadays tent lovers are seeking to escape from the fast-paced life and comfort to live a more simple life, closer to nature. Sometimes they don't even think of a tent as shelter - they just want it to look good at the party.

Escaping fast-paced life might sound like a romantic escapists dream, but our ancestors had to fight really hard to reach this level of comfort. Hunting a 10 tones mammoth was just the beginning of struggle there was to come before the shelter was made.

Over ages our ancestors have came to mind, that mammoth mini-hotels do not suit nomadic lifestyle well because of their weight. Tents had to be reinvented using more common materials - it was actually very unlikely to meet a mammoth in 450 BC... Bisons and deers became the perfect choice and - depending on the region - either teepees or yurts started to rise. Their main advantage were highly common materials they were made of and their mobility - and so the first campers were born.

As the time went on nomads were slowly decreasing in numbers as they consisted of more and more people and were in need of way more food to survive - agriculture requires to settle and tents started to evolve becoming bigger and changing their shapes to provide more storage space both for people and goods.

Soon it was getting harder and harder to make children tan the leathers for such huge tents - lucky enough Industrial Revolution allowed to produce heavy canvas much easier. Tents made during these years were really heavy, quite hard to set up and they smelled awfully, but all in all they were the foundation of security for many civilisations.

For a very long time tents main function remained - until the XX century came with DuPont Company inventing nylon in 1935, that soon became the most wanted material by all worlds tent manufacturers. Crazy psychos, that made us wear polyester suits, became the spark that ignited whole tent industry - the constructions became much lighter and water resistant, especially since aluminum joined the party.

Recreational tents are still made with materials mentioned above nowadays - there's actually nothing strange about that, because they already provide all the qualities we might be looking for. Also bigger event or wedding tents are usually made of polycotton canvas which is a blend of poliester and cotton, that provides both light weight of construction and high resistance to any weather conditions.

If you were to imagine a perfect tent that would suit all your needs it's highly likely that such tent already exists and is to be bought at local sport store. We - the Tentrum company - always put 100% of our hearts to produce top quality tents for exceptional events that would amaze both you and all your guests. And most important - we don't use children as cheap labor force. Also no mammoths were harmed. At all.

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