Tent rental for business events

Business events are great opportunity to help employees integrate in less formal surrounding or to celebrate companies recent successes. Many companies decide to organise this kind of meetings as open-air to minimise cost compared to renting conference rooms and to provide the guests exceptional atmosphere.

Open-air banquet

Big companies and corporations frequently organise huge business meetings under tents. It allows to elastically adjust tent size to the amount of coming guests without fear of the room not being able to hold the crowd. Additionaly this kind of solutions enables running the party as both formal and semi-formal - outdoor scenery perfectly matches both these styles. Another advantage is the flexibility to plan the event in tiniest detail - we can hire the best bartender in town, place a floor in the enter to showcase our newest product or set up a stage and award the best employees in front of the others.
Recent research say that employees who are occasionally invited to some kind of integrational events are way more motivated and feel much more closer to the company.

Informal employee picnic

Smaller comapnies tend to use tent rental services almost as frequently as the bigger ones. They however tend to require way less additional services - most of the small business events needs way smaller tents, few chairs and tables with the grill equipment on the top of it. Of course some beverages and beef to grill are worth mentioning as well :)
The fact is that even small business event will be an amazing experience and perfect opportunity to know coworkers better. It is also worth mentioning that the motivational influence on employee will be stunning! Fluent cooperation between employees is crucial for many companies so it is a must to let them get to know each other also on private, outside the office.

Promotional events

Business events under the tent can also be a part of promoting your business. Renting some space in local park and setting there a tent will definitely get the attention of passersby and will greatly improve recognizability of your company locally. Inside the tent you can organise a product showcase, let potiental customers talk with specialists and point out the advantages of your solutions. It is worth mentioning that direct marketing lead in neutral space is one of the best converting methods of marketing.

In case you have any questions considering rental or sale of tents, the possibilities of equipment providing or would like to estimate the cost of open-air event organistaion - write or call us! We will help you make the right decision and organise the event your employees dream of.

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