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Tent – rent or buy?

We probably won't surprise you saying that tents are nowadays an inherent element of city architecture. Especially in greater metropolis' they can be seen more and more often. Neighbour is having a garden party? There's a tent in the garden. Local pubs beer garden? Garden umbrellas or a tent! Local radios beach event? In the shadow of a tent.

Tents allow us to effectively adapt different ideas - both business and private ones - to weather conditions, provide us privacy, comfort and safety. In this article we want to touch a subject that bothers many of you - when should you rent a tent, and when should you consider buying it?


Tent rental is especially common among private users, smaller business owners and event organizers. The greatest advantage is definitely the price that is usually way lower than the cost of buying a tent. Another important reason to rent is the cost of exploitation - even if we have to pay the insurance we still miss most of the costs of maintenance. Also setting the tent up and then dismantling it is most of the time done by the rental company which saves us a lot of time. Rental is a perfect solution for family events, periodical company promotions and weddings.

Rental however may not be very cost effective if we organize some events on a regular basis. If we do know that we will have to rent a tent 10 times per season it is worth consulting with the owner costs of acquiring one for yourself. Also have in mind that a rented tent is not your property. If it's not covered by insurance we are responsible for any damage caused and should pay for it as soon as possible, while having tent on your own would allow you to repair in next summer once you need it.


Buying a tent is a serious investment that brings a lot of benefits with it. First of all, with some knowledge and working force we can move the structure depending on our needs or modify it by for example painting a company logo on one of the walls. Acquiring one will also save you money in the long run - you pay for it once and most of the time you can account it as an expenditure allowing us becoming serious fund saver if we use the structure on a regular basis.

The greatest drawback is - as we have mentioend before - the price. Huge, high-class tent can cost as much as a good car, while rental is just a small piece of it. Also all the maintenance and service costs are on us and the responsibility for users health is up to us.


To sum up, considering whether renting or buying is better for us will mostly depend on what do we need the tent for. For weddings, birthdays or a local promotional campaign we should rather choose to rent it because it will save us our time and money. On the other hand, if the promotional campaign will take place in different cities at different time or if we run a big restaurant and want to make it exceptional with a classy company tent we should buy it. Remember that high-class tents can serve us several years if maintained well!

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