Stretch tent

Tentrum sp. z o.o. is the only official distributor of Eurostretch Tent products in Poland. Eurostretch Tent, located in the Netherlands, has been active on tents market for over 14 years and has became Europe's top manufacturer.

Stretch Tents are products usually used as canopy in private properties, restaurants, pubs and coffeehouses. They can also serve as an additional shadowy space near beach bars, on festivals and other cultural events.

Tents are produced in compliance with european fire and safety standards.

Tents we offer can be joint with other Stretch type tents using gutter systems. Also their shape may be set to fit to other objects. Many objects such as trees can be used as mounting points.

We offer custom shaped tents aswell on our customers demand (trade fairs, presentations, showoffs). Stretch Tents can be made in any size or shape, using vide variety of materials and colors.

Stretch Tent is a tent model that can be installed by a team of only two thanks to the light material we use. This affects final costs of setting the tent up.

Material type:
-Eurostretch PRO M2/B1
-Eurostretch AFRICAN B1/M2

Material details:

- super light: 360-400 gram/m2
- waterproof
- Eurostretch Tent top quality product
- double coated (easy to clean)
- non-translucent
- extremely durable
- compliant with M2/BS Certificate (FR)

- weight: 740 gram/m2
- waterproof
- single coat
- non-translucent
- compliant with M2/B1 Certyfikate
- best choice for (semi)still configurations

Materials available in multiple colors such as: sand/beige, chino, dark grey, white, black and others.

Stretch tents come with a year warranty

Available dimensions

  • 6 x 6m
  • 6 x 8m
  • 6 x 9m
  • 6 x 10m
  • 7 x 10m
  • 7.5 x 10m
  • 8 x 10m
  • 8 x 12m
  • 9 x 10m
  • 9 x 12m
  • 10 x 10m
  • 10 x 12m
  • 10 x 14m
  • 10 x 15m
  • 10 x 20m
  • 15 x 15m

All materials used in tent productions are compliant with all European standards. We offer two types of materials for Stretch Tents: EUROSTRETCH AFRICAN B1 and EUROSTRETCH PRO M2. All materials areflame retardant and waterproof. We also provide all necessary construction calculations.

Project: Eurostretch Tents
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