How to choose your perfect wedding tent

Imagine warm, summer night, the sky full of stars and two people sharing their mutual love on this special day with their relatives... and all this under a tent! Sounds amazing, right?

Tent rental for weddings is becoming more and more popular these days. We shall not be surprised as open-air events combined with mesmerizing lighting create one of the most romantic scenes one could imagine on this one-in-a-lifetime day.

In this article we will help you decide whether wedding under tent is a solution for you. We also will help you estimate the size and pick right equipment. Let's get the party started!

Who can organise tent wedding?

The answer is simple: anybody! If only you love open-air parties, the magical atmosphere when lights play in the dark this definitely is an option for you. Many people are deceived thinking this kind of events is reserved to the wealthy. In fact the cost of renting a tent and catering is usually lower than renting a wedding hall. Only thing you will need is some free space to set the tent up on.

How to estimate the size of a wedding tent?

Yeah, but what do you mean by some free space? First of all, it should be as flat as possible with little to no slopes. In terms of size, it's all up to how many people will attend the party. Round tables allow to guest about a person per quadratic meter. Have in mind, that during open-air events people usually walk around and won't spend all the time under the tent, so we are totally safe to say this calculation is fine. You will need some more space if you plan to have a dancefloor, bar counter or food heaters, so you should take it all under careful consideration. All the tents we offer for rental are made of modular walls that allow us to perfectly suit your expectations. We will help you choose perfect size for your party with greatest pleasure.

What kind of equipment can I expect in a tent?

Our offer contains wide variety of equipment for our tents such as chairs, tables, floor and full lighting, that will greatly enhance the romantic atmosphere. We totally know, that this special day requires special setting. That is why we do our best to provide your with highest quality, perfect condition equipment.

To sum up - renting a tent for your wedding day is a perfect choice, that might be slightly cheaper than renting wedding hall. In addition to this open-air events are simply amazing and combining wedding under a tent with some fireworks show will be an unforgottable experience for you and your guests for many years. We can guarantee they will all keep on speaking about it for few next years.

Of course be careful with any kind of fireworks! Always keep a safe space between the tent and explosives :)

If you still have any questions considering rental, would like to see current offer or simply ask us anything - do not hesitate to contact us, we love to help!

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