8 tips to transform your garden into a space for great tent party

1. Save money and make sure you have some spare for additional expenses.

Organizing a rented tent party in you own garden might appear costly if you want everything to be done by third party helpers. Most of the tasks are however fairly easy and can be done on your own, which may of course take quite a lot of time, but will also let you save lots of money. This kind of events planning your budget after some research is the most important thing of all. It will help you not to spend your hard earned money on things that you will face over time. Watching all the amazing photos of tent parties around the world you will quickly enter the rabbit hole and continue to search for things that might not really be necessary but will increase your expenses without any limits. Think twice if the silk carpet or exotic plants in front of the entrance are a must - maybe you can organize something that will have very similar effect without spending millions. Always remember however, that while organizing there will most likely appear some ideas that are really required but you have not thought about them before - that is why you should also have some spare savings over the previously arranged budget.

2. Events creative planning.

Regardles if it's a wedding, Holy Communion or some relatives birthday, you should be really creative while planning. Many of the decorations can be hand made instead of bought, and you can let your children or younger neighbours help with that - in this way the event will be even more unforgettable for them because they will know they have placed their brick into this wall. In addition to this creativity might help you save lots of money and create unique atmosphere filled with soul that you won't find in all the bought goods.

3. Weather conditions.

Outdoor parties are always source of many worries, especially those connected to weather in the events day. Let's get real tho - you are never 100% sure what the weather will be like and you can't change it. We all dream of a tent party on a sunny, cloudless day, but deciding to set a tent up you have already made your first step towards making sure the weather will not be a problem if it gets worse. Tents effectively protects your guests from rain and wind, it can additionally be equipped with wooden floor to prevent mud from destroying dancers experience. Regarding of current season you should also consider hiring additional heaters or AC devices to ensure comfortable conditions regardless of what the weather is like. Have in mind however that lots of people in a tent will generate heat overtime and you might have to control those devices at all times. Also take under consideration all the additional attractions you have prepared in your garden - maybe it will be worth to rent a bigger tent to be able to move some of the facilities inside just in case weather gets worse.

4. Choosing the tent

There are a lot of tents for rental, but most of them are old, used constructions that doesn't look as good as we would like them to. If you want the "wow" effect than take a look at our tents Celeste Pole andPetal Pole - they are based on wooden, round poles and have decorative top sewing, which in addition to high quality of materials provide excellent, elegant effect even without additional decors.

5. Light up your tent and garden

If you think the party might still be in heat once it gets dark you should consider installing lights in your tent and garden. Depending on your requirements we can prepare personalized light systems for you, check ourexample light systems to get inspired and let us know what you expect. In case of garden most of our customers used simple garden solar lamps - be careful however if their lightness and power are enough for you.

6. Interior decorations

Depending on preferred party style you can equip both your interior and garden with decorations of this same family, that will make it look much better planned and more elegant. Also match your tables and chairs - this will leave your guests speechless and they will be talking about the party for ages - believe us :)

7. Garden condition

Garden party is a perfect opportunity to show the effects of your all year hard work. Well trimmed lawn, flowers blooming all around and clean pond in the center of the garden - all those elements have effect on the overall way your guests see the party. You should take care of your garden before the event, especially if you don't pay much attention to it daily. Treat it as a perfect occasion to finally perform some of the works you have been postponing for years.

8. Think about the guests

The most important element of your party are always the guests. Their satisfaction is all up to how you plan the spaces, so put serious effort into planning all the seats, benches both in the tent and in garden. Make sure the drinks and food are easily accessible (additional space in tent for buffet is a perfect solution), make sure they will have no time for boredom and - what is most important of all - have fun with them, chat, don't let all the tasks and organization things get your away from them. They will most likely be way happier to have a talk with you instead of get another cold beer that you have just been planning to bring :)

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