5 safety tips for your tent party

Tent party is always an exceptional event for you and your guests. The comfort of all the participants is highly important along with the style connecting all the elements of your party, but the most important case should always be the safety. In this article we would like to show you the most basic tips for ensuring all the guests will be as safe as possible and the party won't turn into a disaster by accident.

1. Get to know set-up possibilities and requirements.

Every tent requires specific conditions to be set up depending and type of grounding and the whole construction. The best solution is to always as the person renting us the tent what are his requirements in case of terrain and safety. Some tents can be set using concrete weights that ensure it is stable but also doesn't look good and are hard to transport and move. Often used anchors are an alternative and are much more widely used granting the construction stability and safety while also looking great. You might consider asking for the additional space around the tent - ropes or tapes that grant stability have to be stretched and fixed to ground and it might even take up to 1.5-2 meters of additional space required around the tent. Make sure you talk all this stuff with the rental company to avoid being surprised when the set up team is already there.

2. Ask for safety certifications.

All rental companies that respect customers safety will on demand share their products certifications of safety, technical details and fire certificates. You should check of the company in which services you are interested in will provide all of mentioned above to ensure much greater level of security for you and your guests than a simply, homemade tent that might get blown by string wind or catch fire from a cigarette.

3. Insurance.

Most of the greater companies will offer you insurance to tents rented, that will make sure we are safe from any damage caused.

4. Types of construction.

The greatest enemies of a tent are strong wind and fire. As mentioned above, we just have to make sure that the construction is certified on this case, but wind is not an easy problem. Organizing the party in a very windy area we might think about renting a tent based on round form instead of rectangular. The wall will always get the most of the winds force on them, but if the top is finished on a round basis it will help to reduce the overall power and not inflict the construction that much.

5. Meet renters requirements.

Every tent has it's own specifics and it's all up to the renter to share all the rules. Tent's walls without special anchors (especially those made of plastic) might not react well to your uncles body pressing against it, they also might not survive very hot pot touching it because somebody pushed it right to the wall. Respecting the rules make your own guide for the participants to ensure all of them not only an unforgottable experience and great party, but also full safety.

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