10 things you MUST have in mind while organising wedding in a tent

Recently wedding tents are gaining more and more popularity. Organising a tent party is not the easiest task one can imagine so many people decide to hire whole bunch of specialists like wedding planners, tent manufacturers, set up team and transporting services. More and more companies however offer complex rental services to take the duties off you saving your precious time.

Even relatively small wedding parties require good planning and might overwhelm person without much knowledge on subject - that's why we have prepared 10 things you MUST have in mind while organising wedding in a tent. Hopefully those advices will help you to make all the decisions you are facing and will make your party a blast.

1. Research tent rental companies in your area.

Currently on websites such as Amazon there are lots of tents to be found for rental which might overwhelm us. Most of these tents are unfortunately old constructions with canvas in really bad condition. What is more, many of the sellers post photos of them from many years ago - the moment the tent arrive at your place will you see how awful it looks. To avoid this kind of situations you should ask the tent rental company about most recent photos and also make sure the condition is mentioned in the agreement you will sign - this might secure you from being fraud.

Some of the companies offer transport on their side, while others use external services which could increase the cost significantly - rental usually requires 4-way transportation - your place, set up, come back, your place, pick up, come back. Finding a local tent manufacture might help you optimise the cost, but do not take it as the rule of thumb.

2. Pick tent model that suits your needs.

Most companies offer simple constructions know as pavillions - they are the most common type and the cheapest, but they are not as eye catching as for example offered by us Petal Pole. It's well worth estimating our budget in advance and exploring all the models offered by tent rental companies to find the one that will suit us perfectly. Remember - most of the cheaper tents are made mostly of PVC - this means that warm, summer days might turn the inside into a sauna, which most guests might not find really entertaining.

3. Estimate amount of attenders and the required space.

If you already have prepared the guest list it will make a perfect starting point for all the estimations. Otherwise we strongly advice you to make one, it will make your planning become way easier.

Looking at the guest list, considering attenders age and your expectations of additional services such as mobile bar, tables or dancefloor you can send a message with all those details to your rental company - most of them will estimate wedding tents size based on all the information provided free of charge.

4. Find perfect place for the tent.

One of the most important aspects of setting up a tent is the space. Once we know the estimated size of the tent we can start to look for a piece of land to place it. The space should be bigger than the construction to allow attenders to move freely even out of the tent. It is also crucial to get some information from the manufacturer about stabilising pegs - they usually require few meters to ensure the construction will be stable.

5. Take the flooring under consideration.

Sometimes the ground is flat and hard enough that makes the flooring useless, but most of the time we should make sure the tent rental company will provide us the floor as well. Some people decide to use just synthetic grass to prevent from mud, while others dream of a wooden flooring where their guests will dance all night long. You should ask your tent producer what kind of flooring do they offer and which would suit your needs best.

6. Check the weather forecast and prepare for the worst.

We all know that weather might be fussy. Organising tent event we should always prepare for the worst possible scenarios. Air heaters will ensure that even a cold night wouldn't bother the attenders (dancing people however will usually generate enough heat), also a decent flooring, as mentioned above, might help us on a rainy day. Remember to rent the tents only from well known companies - holes in the canvas of a cheap tent will be a real nightmare if it starts raining heavily. Most wedding tents also allow to tie the tent wall to provide some air circulation - if it's not possible however we should also provide some ventilators.

7. Think of people and services placement.

Well situated bar, DJ and guests are fundamental to provide comfort and entertainment on the top level. You should have in mind that most of the older attenders would rather sit away from the sound systems and closer to buffet, while younger guests will keep on wandering between the dancefloor, table and another cigarette on the outside - passages between tables should allow them to move freely.

8. Get to know the terms of rental.

Every rental wedding tent rental company have it's own requirements that are mentioned in the agreement. Some of them might add cleaning costs in case of the tent getting dirty, other will require specific ground to set up or additional insurance to be paid. You should get to know the terms in advance to save yourself an unwanted surprise later on.

9. Ask your guests for their preferences.

Sometimes it's well worth to ask your guests about their preferences on food, music or additional services that could improve their party. Wedding is a party organised for guests to cheerish this exceptional day with you - therefore you should definitely take their word under consideration unless you want your aunt to grumble about your party for the next two years.

10. Book the tent rental in advance.

As we have mentioned at the beginning - tent rental is becoming more and more popular. This also means that most of the quality rental companies will have fairly distant dates available as the interest in their work is growing - especially during summer time. Do not hesitate and book your dream tent in advance.

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